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Accelerate your growth with real-time client insights

Property Circle constantly scans your database for timely renewal, equity release, and early review opportunities. Our algorithm then validates them, prioritises them, and serves them up to you.

Meanwhile, our white-label app enables you to put this power into your consumer’s hands while you receive validated new leads from Estate & Lettings Agents.

Gain real-time client insights and prioritise lead generation with LeadGen

We calculated that reviewing the mortgages of 500 clients monthly would, on average, take 42 working days for a brokerage.

With that in mind, we used 25 years of experience in the industry and technology to create LeadGen - a centralised dashboard to manage all of your clients, packed with features that will save you time by automating the mortgage review process, and allow you to foster better relationships with your clients.

A centralised dashboard to easily manage all of your clients

Easily manage and review all of your existing clients, and add new ones to track things like product expiry and when the lender will be in contact.

Automatic mortgage review in the background

Each client mortgage is constantly reviewed in the background to determine if there is a better mortgage available to them.  The algorithms include all key factors including the ERC, so that the opportunity is qualified.

Highlights opportunities on changing interest rates

When interest rates change, LeadGen looks for the best available fixed term mortgage today, calculates the cost of change, and produces the associated interest rate.

Equip your clients with in-depth insights about their property with LeadConnect

LeadConnect puts powerful insights into your clients hands in an easy-to-use, digestible way.

From equity insights and mortgage overviews to essential property management tools such as repair and maintenance costs and even gas boiler servicing, LeadConnect gives your clients a suite of tools and information that improves their day-to-day operations.

And the best part? You’ll receive your very own white-labelled app with your companies branding, further demonstrating the value you can provide for your clients and fostering stronger relationships.

Instant mortgage insights with our affordability calculator

Deliver value to your clients with an instant mortgage product overview that uses our best-in-class affordability calculator, highlighting how much they can borrow and how much it will cost.

Track, manage and monitor property costs with smart insights

Property Manager helps your landlords manage all of their properties in one place - with real-time insight into their portfolio value, yield, available equity and more.

Highlight equity release and early mortgage review opportunities

LeadConnect tracks your clients products and portfolio, and uses intelligent insights to make recommendations that lead them back to you as a broker.

Enhance your prospects by integrating LeadConnect with estate and letting agents

On average an estate agent sells 40 properties a year and a letting agent has 200 properties on management - that equates to over 80 mortgage opportunities per annum.

With LeadConnect, you can offer agents a white-label solution of the app for themselves, so they can deliver clients great value in exchange for mortgage opportunities.

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