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Get the edge with LeadConnect

Empower your landlords with powerful insights to optimise their mortgage portfolio, release equity, and continue to grow with you.

Equip your clients with valuable, actionable property insights

LeadConnect seamlessly delivers actionable insights to your clients with an intuitive interface.

From finding how much you can borrow to equity insights and mortgage overviews to essential property management such as repair and maintenance costs and even gas boiler servicing, LeadConnect gives your clients a suite of tools and information that improves their day-to-day operations.

Instant mortgage insights with our affordability calculator

Deliver value to your clients with an instant mortgage product overview that uses our best-in-class affordability calculator, highlighting how much they can borrow and how much it will cost.

Track, manage and monitor property costs with smart insights

Property Manager helps your landlords manage all of their properties in one place - with real-time insight into their portfolio value, yield, available equity and more.

Highlight equity release and early mortgage review opportunities

LeadConnect tracks your clients products and portfolio, and uses intelligent insights to make recommendations that lead them back to you as a broker.

LeadConnect bridges the gap between you and your clients to deliver mutual value

Your own branded version of LeadConnect will vastly improve the relationship you have with your clients, and further demonstrate the value you can provide as you continue partner with them.

Grow your landlords value

Offer our white-label app to your clients so they can effortlessly optimise mortgage rates across their portfolio and even release equity to grow it. As they unlock value, you unlock value.

Help your Landlord release equity

Our analysis shows an average Equity Availability of over £12,000 per mortgaged property. Meaning that 12% of all mortgaged BTL properties have over £20K available for release!

With our white-label app your clients will never miss an opportunity to unlock liquidity again. This can then be rolled into the purchase of new assets.

Help your landlord to optimise
their mortgage rates

Integrate and engage with your inhouse or appointed BTL mortgage experts to actively engage with the landlords. If you don’t have specialist BTL mortgage expertise, we can match you with trusted brokers in your area.

30% of all your landlord’s mortgages are at risk of moving to the lender’s base rate in the next 12 months!

Grow your landlords revenue

Generate additional revenue opportunities with a significant margin, generate upselling opportunities for full property management and retain your landlord clients by putting your brand in the hands of your landlords 24/7 with Property Circle

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